The American Kestrel Project

The Natural History Society of PEI will feature guest speakers Dwaine Oakley and
Ben Hoteling for their March meeting. Dwaine and Ben will be presenting some of their work concerning the American Kestrel nest box program on Prince Edward Island. Dwaine reveals that it will be a fascinating look into North America’s most colourful raptor and their current status on the Island by introducing our nest box program, banding of the kestrels, how you can build your own nest box, and some other interesting tidbits. Both Ben and Dwaine have been involved in a number of conservation related groups over the years including the Natural History Society of PEI and the Island Nature Trust and served on both executive boards in varying roles. As instructors of the Wildlife Conservation Technology program at Holland College, the duo includes their students in the American Kestrel project by providing yearly maintenance of the nest boxes and banding of the birds. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at the Farm Center (420 University Ave) and is free to the public.

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