Are Beavers Native to PEI?

Are Beavers Native to PEI?  Following the startling revelation by Douglas Sobey in 2007 that beavers did not appear to be on the Island at the time of French settlement in the early 1700s, such news has been interpreted in some quarters as justification to eradicate Island beavers.  Early naturalist Francis Bain assured us in 1890 that the remains of beaver dams could be seen on the Island, and the current population of PEI beavers was introduced in the 1930s. So were beavers ever part of the Island fauna?   Rosemary Curley will present evidence supporting the native character of the beaver at the October monthly meeting of the Natural History Society of PEI.  She will be reviewing the postglacial history of the Island and its land bridge, the early fur trade in the Atlantic region and a number of archaeological records of beavers from PEI. The Natural History Society meets monthly at the Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue from October through June. The October meeting takes place on Tuesday October 2nd at 7:30 pm. All are welcome and admission is free.

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