Tue. Dec. 4th meeting – The Flora and Fauna of Prince Edward Island Springs: Myths and Water Nymphs

Freshwater springs feed all of the rivers on Prince Edward Island; however, they have many unique characteristics of their own that have been relatively unexplored. Springs are focused areas of discharge from groundwater and in many places seem to bubble out of the ground. These cold temperature habitats have developed a unique assembly of species that are different from the rivers below. Kyle Knysh, a master’s student at the University of Prince Edward Island, has been investigating the plant and animal life that occur in the pool springs of Eastern PEI. His project is examining the effects agricultural land-use has on spring water ecological communities, with an emphasis on the insect species diversity. At the December monthly meeting of the Natural History Society of PEI he will be presenting some results of his thesis work and educating the public on the mysterious biodiversity that call PEI spring waters home. The meeting occurs on Tuesday, December 4th at 7:30pm at the Farm Center (420 University Ave.). All are welcome. 

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