Tuesday, January 6, 2015 – Dr. Richard Elliot featured speaker – Nature PEI

Nature PEI Meeting Notice

On Tuesday evening, January 6th, Dr. Richard Elliot will be the featured speaker at the Nature PEI monthly meeting. The title of his presentation is “Bird Mortality in Canada: Assessing the Impacts of Cats and Other Human-related Sources.” Dr. Elliot is the Director of Wildlife Research with Environment Canada.

Rosemary Curley, President of Nature PEI indicated “This is a great opportunity to learn about the causes of the decline in the populations of wild birds that occur in Canada as Dr. Elliot will describe the results of Environment Canada’s assessment of the impact of human-related activities on birds. The presentation will focus specifically on the negative effect that pet and feral cats cause on bird populations. It will also give us better information as to what we can do personally to prevent this wild bird carnage.” 

Dr. Elliot has worked with the Canadian Wildlife Service since obtaining his PhD from the University of Aberdeen. He has studied seabirds and shorebirds throughout Atlantic Canada and the eastern Arctic, and became a research manager with the Canadian Wildlife Service – Environment Canada since 1991, in charge of migratory bird research and monitoring programs in Atlantic Canada. Richard began bird-watching as a youth near Montreal, and maintained his interest in birds during his studies at Queen’s, Acadia and Aberdeen Universities, and throughout his working career. Richard has been instrumental in developing the concept of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) in Canada, particularly with the Sea-Duck Joint Venture, the Canadian Shorebird Conservation Plan, and Wings Over Water – the conservation plan for seabirds and colonial waterbirds.

Rosemary Curley encourages everyone to “Reserve Tuesday, January 6th at 7:30 PM to join the Nature PEI meeting in the Carriage House at Beaconsfield on the corner of West and Kent Streets in Charlottetown. Admission is free and all are welcome.”

For more information contact: Rosemary Curley at (902) 569-1209 rcurleypei@eastlink.ca or Dr. Richard Elliot at (506)364-5014 or richard.elliot@ec.gc.ca

About Nature PEI

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