Newfoundland, Labrador and Plants

We live in the Atlantic Maritime Ecozone so escaping to the Boreal Ecozone is naturally a pleasure.  But not just any Boreal! Add in the coastal element, the iceberg element and the Newfoundland rare plant element. During an amazing 4000 km journey across “The Rock” and “The Big Land”, Diane Griffin and Rosemary Curley absorbed the wilderness, the history, past challenges, and current changes that are coming to Labrador.

They will be feature speakers for the Nature PEI meeting on Tuesday, December 1st.  It starts at 7:30 PM at Beaconsfield’s Carriage House, corner of West and Kent Streets in Charlottetown. All are welcome.

Diane is a botanist by training, Rosemary is a generalist biologist. Together, they eye-balled some big landscapes and some small flowering plants in Newfoundland and Labrador in July 2014.  “The coastal headlands of Newfoundland and Labrador have plants that are highly adapted for living in this challenging environment,” says Diane. “Some such as the Bistort are more commonly found in mountains or in northern Canada. Others like the Beach Pea are familiar to Islanders; however, it was intriguing to see these plants so stunted in form compared to the ones found on Island sand dunes.”  They saw other familiar plants in new habitats. Plus they saw a few furry vertebrate animals. Enjoy the colours!

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