Getting to Know the Herptiles of PEI


Join us at Nature PEI’s monthly meeting to experience the sights and sounds of PEI’s elusive (but  sometimes effusive)  herptiles with Dwaine Oakley,  instructor in the Holland College Wildlife Conservation Technology program.   “We will explore the life history of the salamanders, frogs, toads and snakes of Prince Edward Island” notes Dwaine, adding that “We will not only learn how to identify the species by sight, but we will enjoy the night sounds of the more common ones”.  Dwaine enthusiastically points out that “Since spring is right around the corner we will also focus on some cool egg masses.”

Dwaine has spent considerable time exploring and documenting the fauna of PEI. He has had a keen interest in wildlife and the outdoors since he was a child that later grew with the discovery of photography where he could share his passion with others. Dwaine has served as President for Nature PEI and more recently, the Island Nature Trust.

Get ready to leap into spring ! Reserve March 6 at 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown to meet Dwaine and learn more about our native reptiles and amphibians. All are welcome!Blue-spotted_salamander_(Ambystoma_laterale)01[1]

About Nature PEI

Nature PEI - Supporting citizen science on Prince Edward Island since 1969
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