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25th Annual Bennett Birding Classic

There is a great article in the Buzz on the annual autumn event jointly hosted for the last 24 years by the Island Nature Trust and Nature PEI.  A team event for birds and nature, the Neil Bennett Autumn Birding Classic is a fundraiser and an important citizen science event. Teams with 2 to 7 members gather pledges and then on September 21 head out in the morning to find as many species of birds as possible in the 24-hour period.

As well there is a Facebook activity for the event but to ensure you are placed on a team or that your team is fully registered it is best to make contact with the Trust

Individuals and corporations are also welcome to sponsor a team or the general event. To register, make a pledge, or get info, contact Island Nature Trust at 902-892-7513,\"Shiorebird\"

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