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April Meeting Topic – Atlantic Halibut

Join us at Nature PEI’s monthly meeting for a glimpse into the world of the elusive Atlantic Halibut with biologist Travis James, an MSc student attending the University of Prince Edward Island. “Despite considerable interest in groundfish over the decades, Atlantic Halibut are poorly studied within the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The information available about halibut movement in our region is limited” says Travis. Winter weather and limited fishing opportunities in recent decades have curtailed the abilities of scientists to uncover the seasonal distribution of halibut. However, advances in tagging have provided greater insight into their seasonal movements and spawning behavior. This new information has significant value for management and conservation efforts for this charismatic species.


Originally coming from a farming background, Travis became involved in aquatic research early on in his academic career, working on projects stretching from headwater streams to the ocean. His presentation will reveal new information about the Atlantic Halibut and its fascinating lifestyle in the Southern Gulf.

All are welcome to join us Tuesday April 4, 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown to meet Travis and learn more about the amazingly large and eminently edible Atlantic Halibut.

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