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Nature PEI Species-at-Risk Travelling Museum now at Carr’s Wildlife Centre in Stanley Bridge

Nature PEI’s Species-at-Risk on Prince Edward Island Travelling Museum is now on view at Carr’s Wildlife Centre in Stanley Bridge for the month of September.

The exhibit consists of two major display cases, one with rotating cubes with photos highlighting 24 species at risk, and the other with several carvings of species done by local carver Donna Martin. There are interpretative panels along the display cases with more information, and two specimens: a partial bear jaw, and a mounted river otter.

The latest addition is the “Walk Like a Bear or Plover” mat, which encourages people of all ages to compare their footprints to life-sized American Black Bear and Piping Plover tracks.

Jen Stenhouse, chief curator at Carr’s Wildlife Centre, with the new mat, now on display with the Nature PEI Travelling Museum at Carr’s at Stanley Bridge.

Carr’s Wildlife Centre is open daily from 10AM-5PM and admission is charged. They have an extensive collection of mounted birds, a Pollinator Education Room, and a full-scale leatherback sea turtle model, among other displays.

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