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“The Secret Life of Bats”

At our next monthly meeting, Nature PEI will welcome Jordi Segers of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative for a glimpse into the world of bats, and what we can do to help them fight the threats they are facing. These superheroes of the night are creatures that live in the dark, seldom seen and rarely heard.  “They are elusive animals that are terribly misunderstood by many and persecuted for all the wrong reasons” notes Jordi. He will introduce us to the important roles that bats play around the world,  and discuss global bat diversity, what species we have in Canada, and what we are learning about them right here on PEI, including insights into how they are studied. The confirmed and regular presence of the Hoary Bat summering on the Island is a relatively new and thrilling revelation.


Jordi is the national coordinator in our response to bat White-Nose Syndrome, an invasive fungal disease that is killing millions of bats across North America.

All are welcome to attend Tuesday October 3, 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown to meet Jordi and learn more about these iconic creatures of the night.

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