Photographer Lucas MacCormack – April Meeting.

Usher in Spring with an evening of spectacular nature photography by PEI naturalist and photographer Lucas MacCormack.   During his presentation Lucas will take us through the many different natural habitats on PEI, sharing his favourite photos of everything from small mammals to large mammals, birds of prey to songbirds, and flowers to insects. Lucas will provide a few words about each image, as well as how he went about taking the photo.

At 15 years of age, Lucas is well known for his unique and inspiring images of nature as well as his knowledge of the subjects he photographs. His interest in nature started a few years ago with birding and he soon became fascinated with all aspects of this complex natural world. Lucas notes that “Once I got my hands on some decent camera gear I began thinking more about photography rather than just taking quick snapshots of whatever I saw.”  His photographic interests now range from birds and wildlife, to macro work with plants, insects and other small creatures, and he enjoys doing landscapes and portraits as well.

All are welcome to join Nature PEI, Tuesday April 3, 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown (West/Kent St.) for a photographic walk on the wild side with an extraordinary young photographer and naturalist.

No admission is charged and refreshments are served.  This event would be a suitable topic for young naturalists so please consider inviting younger family members or friends who have an interest in science, nature or photography.

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Upcoming book: Mammals of PEI


26 March, 2018. Illustrations Secured for Upcoming Mammals Book.

A mammal book without illustrations is like a striped skunk without its musk glands — its message will not be as effective as it could be. Nature PEI is pleased to secure a set of 62 illustrations for the upcoming book “Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Marine Mammals of the Southern Gulf,” to be published in 2019 by Island Studies Press at UPEI.

The illustrations depict range maps for each species, and colour illustrations of mammals and their tracks and skulls. Twenty-four of the sets of illustrations will portray the marine mammals species that occur — or once occurred – within the waters of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. Few would suspect that list would be so long, which is one reason for capturing their history and details in this upcoming book.

The illustrations were produced for the Canadian Museum of Nature, and initially enhanced Donna Naughton’s 2012 book, “The Natural History of Canadian Mammals.” The artwork was secured with financial contributions from diverse sources including Purity Dairy, the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund, and Nature PEI.

A team of five authors are producing the mammal accounts and incorporating significant new and remarkable information from recent studies employing modern study techniques. They also aim to take a closer look at local mammal information, including historical information.  Rosemary Curley of Nature PEI notes “It has not been done before and there appears to be a lot of interest in our product.”

Media Contacts: Island Studies Press; 902-566- 0386

Rosemary Curley, President, Nature PEI 902-569-1209

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PEI Invasive Species Council for its Third Annual Workshop – March 16, 2018

Join the PEI Invasive Species Council for its Third Annual Workshop!

The afternoon will include a wonderful presentation series and an educational expo. Groups participating in the expo include: CFIA, Parks Canada, Island Nature Trust/PEI Spotter’s   Network, MacPhail Woods, Nature Tracker, and much MUCH more.

DATE: March 16, 2018

TIME: 1-4pm

LOCATION: PEI Farm Centre, 420 University Ave., Charlottetown

For a full list of speakers and displays, please visit the PEIISC website at


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Getting to Know the Herptiles of PEI


Join us at Nature PEI’s monthly meeting to experience the sights and sounds of PEI’s elusive (but  sometimes effusive)  herptiles with Dwaine Oakley,  instructor in the Holland College Wildlife Conservation Technology program.   “We will explore the life history of the salamanders, frogs, toads and snakes of Prince Edward Island” notes Dwaine, adding that “We will not only learn how to identify the species by sight, but we will enjoy the night sounds of the more common ones”.  Dwaine enthusiastically points out that “Since spring is right around the corner we will also focus on some cool egg masses.”

Dwaine has spent considerable time exploring and documenting the fauna of PEI. He has had a keen interest in wildlife and the outdoors since he was a child that later grew with the discovery of photography where he could share his passion with others. Dwaine has served as President for Nature PEI and more recently, the Island Nature Trust.

Get ready to leap into spring ! Reserve March 6 at 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown to meet Dwaine and learn more about our native reptiles and amphibians. All are welcome!Blue-spotted_salamander_(Ambystoma_laterale)01[1]

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Tuesday Feb 6 – Members Night

February 6, 2018 is Member’s Night.  All are welcome to share photography, poetry and maybe even a few tall tales. Please contact Nature PEI Vice President, Gerald MacDougall to submit your top nature images in the slide show. Regular time 7:30 pm at the Carriage House, Beaconsfield.

Please join us Tuesday, February 6, for Nature PEI Members Night – a fun and informative evening featuring nature photography, poetry and stories by our members.   “It will be an entertaining session,” notes Gerald MacDougall, Vice-President of Nature PEI “with many spectacular photos of PEI’s natural bounty – from birds and  wildflowers to geological formations.”   Members will be on hand to tell the story behind their photos and to recite their poetry.  Our February meeting will also feature a demonstration of PEI Nature Tacker by Johanna Kelly of the Kensington North Watershed Association.  Nature Tracker is a made-in-PEI mobile app that makes it easy for anyone to record and share photos of wildlife and plant sightings, to have their sightings verified by experts, and to help build a more complete picture of nature on the Island.

We encourage everyone to join us on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 7: 30 at Beaconsfield’s Carriage House, corner of West and Kent, Charlottetown.


Connie Gaudet

Program Director

Nature PEI


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New Date – Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Saturday Jan 20th, 2018 is the new date for the CBC for Kids. Please spread the word.CBCFlyerupdated)CBCFlyerupdated) Bigger Version of flyer

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January 2018 Meeting – Sable Island Horses and Nature

Nature PEI is kicking off the New Year with its Annual General Meeting (AGM)  and a very special presentation on Sable Island Horses and Nature by Diane Griffin, Kathy Martin and Jackie Waddell. 

SableIsland-horses1[1]When many folks think of the Island, the presence of the horses is the first thing that comes to mind” notes Diane. But there is much more to discover there, and the trio will also talk about the birds, seals and plants that call Sable Island home. Beyond its fascinating natural history, this unique island has an interesting human history that will be touched upon in the presentation.  Diane points out that “Because of all the shipwrecks prior to modern navigation, Sable Island was called the Graveyard of the Atlantic”.  The current protection of the Island as a National Park Reserve will also be discussed.

Diane Griffin represents PEI in the Senate of Canada. Diane has previously held positions as PEI Deputy Minister of Environment and Executive Director of The Island Nature Trust.

Dr. Kathy Martin is a professor in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia and a senior scientist with Environment Canada, specializing in ornithology.

Jackie Waddell is a former Executive Director of The Island Nature Trust. She is a horse owner and enjoys birdwatching.

 Reserve January 9 at 7:30 pm at Beaconsfield, the Carriage House in Charlottetown for Nature PEI’s AGM and to meet Diane, Kathy and Jackie and learn more about the fascinating and unique Sable Island. All are welcome

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