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Victoria Day Birding – Walk the Line and Strathgartney

Victoria Day Birding – Walk the Line and Strathgartney

    • Monday, May 21, 2012
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    Strathgartney Provincial Park, PEI

Birding on PEI is inviting artists, photographers, biologists and birders to visit the Strathgartney Provincial Park and the cut line for “Plan B” to document birds, as well as other flora and fauna, to be impacted by this decision.

This event will begin in the morning at the look-off in Strathgartney but participants can take part on their own at any time. This is a great opportunity for all to show that we appreciate the park as well as care for the environmental impact of the pending devastation the new road will have on this whole area by destroying habitat, old growth forest and vistas.

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